Merry Christmas! Book One Done!

I wish to announce the completion of my first online book—The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected, and it always brings baggage. This milestone in the Technojungle Safari Project began many years ago. I completed writing a few years ago, but have been caught in a seemingly endless circle of editing, due mostly to my having never written a book before and therefore, not knowing where I am going and how to get there.

Last last Summer (2020), I realized that I just need to somehow get the finishing touches to my editing done and to just get something out there. The last several months have been dedicated to publishing two chapters every Monday. This deadline forced me to get the book done and to get the formatting and structure of presentation formalized.

I have kept a head start and am now working my way through the same process with the second book which I plan to have completed sometime in April 2021. Publishing should begin the first Monday of January.

As for book one, it needs the images finalized with some original material. It also probably needs a lot of feedback and possibly a professional edit. This can happen concurrently with the publishing of book two. After April, I would like to proceed with moving book one to eBook and paper book. I plan to do the layout myself. Book two would follow the same four-month timeline.

Now for some exciting news. I don’t plan to wait, so I have already begun research for book three. It will be different and be full of surprises. Stay tuned, the Technojungle Safari Project is building up steam.

Of course, I have not lost sight of doing a workbook, however, this may go on hold for now.

I won’t say much more because I’ve already said it somewhere here already. I’ll keep working away during the Christmas season, but plan to get back to publishing in January on a regular basis.

So, I invite everyone to give a Technojungle Safari as a gift for Christmas to at least one person. I would like to see some traffic and some activity (feedback). It’s the simple gift of reading and learning. It’s an exciting to journey, explore, and discover, about being human beings and living in this world of Technology—the Technojungle.

Thank you for participating. Read and Reply. Don’t forget to hit the Follow button.

Merry Christmas!

Meet Norbert. He’s a Norfolk Pine. He came to me as a baby—about 8 to 10 inches high. He’s been practicing for years, beginning with tiny rice lights, but now he’s all grown up and can handle being a two-stringer of mini lights. Because of the pandemic, we opted not to go get a big tree, so Norbert volunteered to be the main Christmas tree this year. I think you’ll agree, he does a fine job of it.

The Technojungle Safari


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The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected and it always brings baggage


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