The Future Never Arrives

…at least not as expected, and it always brings baggage

I invite you to preread the book chapter by chapter. Originally, this was to be one book, however, it grew like a jungle, so now there are Book One and Book Two.

Please note that WordPress displays posts in chronological order with the oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top. This obviously does not work for a book. The way around this that I have devised is to make every chapter a menu item in the fly-out drop-down menu. This will show the structure of the chapters in the book. You can easily use the menu to navigate around in the book.

The book will never be complete until we work together to hone it to the point I can publish it (or pay for a professional editor).

Oh, just one more thing. I will attempt to publish new chapters every Monday, so don’t forget to follow the website to get notifications.

I thank you for your participation.


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