Right On Track!

Book One: The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected, and it always bring baggage is right on track for completion by mid-December. This will be and exciting milestone. The next step will be to get images finalized and original ones created and inserted. A big decision will need to be made—is is polished enough for moving forward in the publishing process, or will a professional edit be required. Another approach to consider would be to promote this website and elicit comments to apply toward editing.

Book Two: Title to be confirmed, is being re-edited and chapter will begin being published starting the first week of January of the new year (2021). I have had two possible titles in mind: The Future Is Now, or We Are the Future. Recently, I have even entertained the possibility that, if the first two books are successfully completed, along with the workbook, I could attempt a third book.

As always, I invite your input. Thank you for participating. Read and Reply. Don’t forget to hit the Follow button.


    • When I split the book into two, I did further editing on book one. Now I find book two needs extra work, but it is coming along. Book three is going to be quite a surprise.

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