The Journey Itinerary — Book Two

The Journey Itinerary — Book Two

Copyright © — Book Two

Preliminary — Book Two

Acknowledgements & Origins — Book Two

Forward — Book Two

Are You Prepared?

Safari — Onward

It’s Not All Jungle Out There—or is it?

It is free, isn’t it?

Is it real, or…

Artificial Helpers

Machining Perfection

Transformative Technojungle—Transformed Lives

Scanning, Skimming & Skipping for the message


Multitasking Myths & Distracting Dilemmas

Habit forming or addictions

Separation Anxiety

Erosion Factors

Our World of Metaphors, Analogies, Allusions & Illusions

To Trust, or not to trust…

Protecting Ourselves

Let’s Talk Feelings

Garbage in = Garbage out

Pop the bubble

Then there’s chaos

The car


Selling & Marketing the Technojungle

Waste Not, Want Not—the art of obsolescence & obsoleteness

Morally and ethically speaking

AI and the Augmented or Virtual Human Being—AI From A Human Perspective


Back in Basecamp — Let’s Debrief

The dilemmas of the Technojungle

The Jazz Lifestyle

Being better human beings

Beyond being better human beings


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