The Journey Itinerary — Book Two

The Future Always Arrives

…with the least unexpected, and as always it brings baggage

The Journey Itinerary — Book Two

Copyright © — Book Two

Preliminary — Book Two

Acknowledgements & Origins — Book Two

Forward — Book Two

Are You Prepared?

Safari — Onward

It’s Not All Jungle Out There—or is it?

It is free, isn’t it?

Is it real, or…

Artificial Helpers

Machining Perfection

Transformative Technojungle—Transformed Lives

Scanning, Skipping, and Skimming for the Message


Multitasking Myths & Distracting Dilemmas

Habit forming or addictions

Separation Anxiety

Erosion Factors

Our World of Metaphors, Analogies, Allusions & Illusions

To Trust, or not to trust…

Protecting Ourselves

Let’s Talk Feelings

Garbage in = Garbage out

Pop the bubble

Then there’s chaos

The car


Selling & Marketing the Technojungle

Waste Not, Want Not—the art of obsolescence & obsoleteness

Morally and ethically speaking

AI and the Augmented or Virtual Human Being—AI From A Human Perspective


Back in Basecamp — Let’s Debrief

The dilemmas of the Technojungle

The Jazz Lifestyle

Being better human beings

Beyond being better human beings

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