My Jungle

I live in the Pacific Northwest and there is seemingly no end to the number of jungles we have, many as dense as any you can imagine anywhere else in the world. My favourite is only a two minute walk away. It has wonderful paths that crisscross making a most amazing and refreshing place. In the summer there were even bears.

These were taken on my iPhone the Summer of 2020. I have many years of photos I took using my dSLR camera. As this project moves along, I’ll upload some of those.

Here is another collage also taken near my home. These are short collages. You can use the arrow keys to go through them.

I have a long time interest in stumps. I particularly love the way the light and shade create designs.

Another wonderful aspect of the jungle is how great things and small things die. But new life springs rough out of the dead. Small to start, but they promise to grow to be great.

Enjoy these trees and leaves. I also love to capture images of the sun illuminating places in the jungle. The illuminations last only moments and are always different every day.

Sometimes I look up and see the sun streaming through the trees. This reminds me that jungle have canopy where the lives of unseen creatures live.

Whenever you are tired of reading and need refreshing, come have a look at some photos.

Green is my favourite colour.

Bob Grahame


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