The final chapter

I am please to announce that I have added the final chapter to book two and I met my promise of finishing the book content by the end of April. This final chapter is bold and different from all the other chapters. It’s full of surprises, but don’t cheat! Make sure you read your way through the Technojungle safari to get to it. No taking shortcuts. The path is clear.

So, what next you may be asking? Well, I have some work to do on the images and the backtracks. I also want to finish the glossary which I shall add to this website even though my revised plan was to move it to the workbook which is obviously down the road. I will be working on these aspects in the coming months.

I also have in mind to do eBooks and have them ready by November, but that may be a bit ambitious at this point, so don’t hold me to it. It’s not a promise at this time.

Please enjoy these two books.

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Merry Christmas! Book One Done!

I wish to announce the completion of my first online book—The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected, and it always brings baggage. This milestone in the Technojungle Safari Project began many years ago. I completed writing a few years ago, but have been caught in a seemingly endless circle of editing, due mostly to my having never written a book before and therefore, not knowing where I am going and how to get there.

Last last Summer (2020), I realized that I just need to somehow get the finishing touches to my editing done and to just get something out there. The last several months have been dedicated to publishing two chapters every Monday. This deadline forced me to get the book done and to get the formatting and structure of presentation formalized.

I have kept a head start and am now working my way through the same process with the second book which I plan to have completed sometime in April 2021. Publishing should begin the first Monday of January.

As for book one, it needs the images finalized with some original material. It also probably needs a lot of feedback and possibly a professional edit. This can happen concurrently with the publishing of book two. After April, I would like to proceed with moving book one to eBook and paper book. I plan to do the layout myself. Book two would follow the same four-month timeline.

Now for some exciting news. I don’t plan to wait, so I have already begun research for book three. It will be different and be full of surprises. Stay tuned, the Technojungle Safari Project is building up steam.

Of course, I have not lost sight of doing a workbook, however, this may go on hold for now.

I won’t say much more because I’ve already said it somewhere here already. I’ll keep working away during the Christmas season, but plan to get back to publishing in January on a regular basis.

So, I invite everyone to give a Technojungle Safari as a gift for Christmas to at least one person. I would like to see some traffic and some activity (feedback). It’s the simple gift of reading and learning. It’s an exciting to journey, explore, and discover, about being human beings and living in this world of Technology—the Technojungle.

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Merry Christmas!

Meet Norbert. He’s a Norfolk Pine. He came to me as a baby—about 8 to 10 inches high. He’s been practicing for years, beginning with tiny rice lights, but now he’s all grown up and can handle being a two-stringer of mini lights. Because of the pandemic, we opted not to go get a big tree, so Norbert volunteered to be the main Christmas tree this year. I think you’ll agree, he does a fine job of it.

The Technojungle Safari


Pre-publishing Books

The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected and it always brings baggage

Right On Track!

Book One: The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected, and it always bring baggage is right on track for completion by mid-December. This will be and exciting milestone. The next step will be to get images finalized and original ones created and inserted. A big decision will need to be made—is is polished enough for moving forward in the publishing process, or will a professional edit be required. Another approach to consider would be to promote this website and elicit comments to apply toward editing.

Book Two: Title to be confirmed, is being re-edited and chapter will begin being published starting the first week of January of the new year (2021). I have had two possible titles in mind: The Future Is Now, or We Are the Future. Recently, I have even entertained the possibility that, if the first two books are successfully completed, along with the workbook, I could attempt a third book.

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Visit My Jungle Photos

I just created a page of photos I call My Jungle. They were taken minutes away from my home. When you get tired of reading, go for refreshing. The green is relaxing and humanizing. I have hundreds of similar photos. They represent my favourite genre of photography.

I hope you enjoy them.

Write a book in an hour a day

I am pleased to announce that my first book in this Technojungle Project—The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected and it always brings baggage—is now in the editing stage. I can’t say with any confidence how long this might take, however, some more rough chapters will be released here on this blog. Stay tuned.

It began as a pretty simple project. I had articles I had written here that seem as if they could be part of a book. So I embarked on the mission of writing a book taking material I had written and building on it. As I got into it, I found that it is a deep sea of technological change out there. It was not long until my book about the Technojungle was looking like a jungle itself.


I refocused a couple of months ago and decided that some material could be left for a second book, should the first one ever get finished, published and become somewhat successful. I also began a program I now call, ‘write a book in an hour a day.’ It is true. I never moved my book along more efficiently than after I just worked at it for an hour a day.

What does that mean? It is exactly what I am doing now to write this post. I sit down at my computer and type for no less and usually not much more than one hour. No, that does not include research or editing. It means writing. I found I could bang out, when slow, 750 words, and at the most, about 1,400 words. Usually, I can do 1,000 words in one hour.

I do this four times a week and can usually count on a minimum of about 3,500 words. That is around 10 pages. I can get 10 pages of rough text per week. When I discovered this little secret, I realized that a book could be written in less than half a year.

There is more to writing a book though. I have some other activities that I do. As I go about my days, I dictate notes into my iPhone. I also meet once a week with a coach and we discuss ideas, which I record. Then I sit down and transcribe all the recorded notes. This is actually the most time consuming activity. I would like to shorten this process, however, I realize that I have a lot of notes I can draw from in the future. Doing this also probably means that, when I do sit down to write, I not only have somethings to write about, but I am writing about some things I know about. I have thought things through and chewed on them for a while.

So, it does take more than an hour a day. But, it is easy to accumulate information. This is part of what my book is about. We have become very good at creating and accumulating information. This is not what make a book. A book is about taking the accumulation of information and telling a story that other people will find interesting. Hopefully, it will affect, even change their life in some way.

So, when I say that you can write a book in an hour a day, that is the actual writing. Writing is a craft using skills that need to be developed through exercise. The hour a day is the exercise and needs to continue every day. I have talked about the preparation of material through notetaking and discussions with others. Once you have a rough manuscript, the editing process begins. This is a long arduous process that involves other people.

So now the good news and the reason I am now able to write this piece. I have completed my first rough draft of 54,000 words. It is in the editing stage. I am entering some unknown territory now; not that I don’t know about editing, I am just not sure how this is going to pan out for my book. I am expecting that it will take a long time. I will need a thick skin, since it well involve the critiquing of my baby.

Once I have the book edited and ready to be published, I will be ready to enter more new territory; not that I don’t know about publishing, I don’t know what happens once it is laid out for printing. It is not that I don’t know about printing, I am not sure where and how my book will be printed. You see, I have worked in the printing industry and can do the prepress myself. I might even be able to produce an eBook. I can find a printer, I’m sure.

What is really unknown for me is the way the publishing world works today. The preparation work, printing, distribution and sales can be all tied together. I have decided to leave those concerns for when I have a finished, fully edited manuscript ready to go. I guess I am sort of thinking that by the time I get there, some doors will be available and I may have some choices for my next steps.