The Journey Itinerary — Book One

The Future Never Arrives

…at least not as expected, and it always brings baggage

Itinerary — Book One

Copyright © — Book One

Preliminary — Book One

Acknowledgements & Origins — Book One

Forward — Book One

The World Changed Overnight… 


Be Prepared!

Orientation — Arrival & Briefing at Basecamp

Beginning at Base Camp

The Journey

Bwana’s Trek

The future—a paradise of promises

There’s always baggage

The human being in focus

Technology—not our main focus

Dancing with technology

Creativity, or…

Language—an amazing technology

Data to wisdom—it’s a long path

Communicating—not as easy as you think

We are cultured

Have music wherever you go

Spare change

All systems go for launch!

The Internet Jungle

Byte out of the Apple


Safari — Embarking

Infinite to finite—two worlds collide

Connected Disconnectedness

Shhh… it’s a noisy place

Virtual Footprints

Careful, you’re being followed

No safe place to hide

Feeding the Jungle

Artificial Turf, Artificial Lives

Seas & Oceans

It’s an algorithmic world

Getting Intelligent—From Smart to Intelligent Machines

Automation Nation

Going too far

Building Better Humans

To be continued next book!!!



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