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Being better human beings & living in a world of technology—the Technojungle.

I was hooked on technology at an early age. I was being sold a future that would be a paradise of promises. It was going to be an amazing future. There was hope for humans in their world of the future. But one day, I woke up.

“It’s a jungle out there!”, exclaimed an imaginary person in my dream as they came trudging through the door. I awoke suddenly with the idea that our world is just like a jungle. “It’s a Technojungle!”, I yelled in my head. “That’s what this technology-filled world we live in is.” It was a revelation!

I trek on my path into the future; technology engulfs me and wraps around every aspect of my life; information is rampant and inundating. It is fun, but, have I been seduced and become addicted—numbed? Many problems plaguing humanity have been solved, or are being solved, but have others emerged? And then I wonder, do I understand this future life I now live? Am I in control and, am I actually more human? How does technology make me more or less human? How free am I? How can I prepare myself for the future and what can I expect?


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Thank you for joining me on safari through the Technojungle.

Eventually I began waking up. I can remember one particular morning I woke up and shouted in my mind, “This is the future! This is the time when so many of the promises I have been hearing for decades are supposed to be coming true.” Then I thought, “If this is the future I have been waiting for, where is it?” And finally I realized, “This is not the future I had been promised, this is not the future I have been expecting.” I thought more about how the future I am expecting just never seems to arrive. Then I asked myself, “So what does arrive?” I have discovered that The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected and it always brings baggage.

Welcome to the future—the paradise of promises. Are we living in a paradise? Have promises you heard in the past come true? Are things really better, or are they just different? Have problems of humanity been solved? Have we solved some problems and created others?

Where are we now and to where are we sailing into the future on this technological tall ship? On deck the warm breezes and the blue seas are comforting until you go off course, or they suddenly rage. The sounds of a stream are calming and relaxing until the water floods. A forest can be quiet and inspiring, until you no longer know where you are. Watch your step. Observe carefully all around you, yet keep your eyes on the path.

Welcome to the start of a journey—a safari. To safari is a journey to explore, discover and, to observe and experience. We are going to learn how to carefully look around, actually see what is happening and ask important questions. You will begin to think deeply and clearly about ways you are impacted by this world of technology and what the future could look like.

Technologies bring us many wonderful solutions to problems and give us some amazing capabilities. Yet, if we peek under the blankets, we find bedbugs hiding in the satin sheets. We want to explore what these bugs are and discover ways to better manage change and the technologies that touch our lives.

Our journey will be difficult work and will require time and effort. The technological world we have created, or allowed to be created, is extremely complex and may be growing out of control. The overwhelming, anxious, even depressing feelings you experience set you off balance, whether you realize it or not. You are not meant to be stuck in anxiety and imbalance. This is dehumanizing. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn how to understand this world of technology and how to be more human.

We are enchanted, seduced and captivated by technology, swept away in a stream of amazement that becomes an overwhelming torrent of burden. Surrounded by devices that vie for attention, they ask that you give them more of your time.

We need to learn to be more intentional with our use of technology and carefully appropriate technology into our lives. To learn how we can redeem and reclaim that which we may have lost, retain and maintain what we have today, and protect our humanness and humanity in the future by being better human beings and living in a world of technology—the Technojungle.

We are all hurling as a rocket into the future. Are you in control? Do you have a grasp of what to expect? When the unexpected comes along, what are the options? Can you unpack the baggage? Always remember, The Future Never Arrives—at least not as expected, and it always brings baggage. Be prepared! 

Excerpts from Book One—The Future Never Arrives… at least not as expected, and it always brings baggage.


    • Thanks so much Ed. I appreciate your professional and experienced input.

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      • The Days of Future past, by the Moody Blues, comes to mind as well as the quote why do we never get an answer when we’re knocking at the door. Because the truth is hard to swallow…..


        • Keep in mind, once we get past this future, we have another future just around the corner. One future after another—they just keep coming.


  1. I would recommend, Bob, that you make it easier to access the various chapters of your ebook. Many people give up easy if it doesn’t pop up right away. If you could give several easy ways to find the chapters, and then just click directly from one chapter to another, that would be helpful in holding the reader’s attention.


    • All chapters can be accessed randomly from the dropdown menu (sometimes called a burger because of the three layers) in the upper right corner of every page. For continuous reading, at the bottom of every book page is a navigation system for stepping forward or backward by chapter. I looked at and tried dozens of themes with menus. The problem is the multi-level menu that is needed for the books. Dropdowns can be difficult to use with fly-outs, so I opted for the burger type which is hidden and when clicked, opens the entire structure of the website. The navigation at the bottom I have to create myself.

      I am open to other suggestions though.


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