Information on pre-publishing of books

Recently I have had conversations about why I would pre-publish my books online. This is a process that came to me one day and I began the project without a lot of thought—it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now, after some discussion, I have been able to think through the pros and cons better and I have discovered that for me, pre-publishing online makes more sense than I initially thought.

You can read my reasoning here.

You may be asking, “So where are you at?” I am doing one final edit and tweak of each chapter and editing the BackTracks. The shorter point form BackTracks version will go at the end of each section and the long form will go in the Workbook. I am currently about halfway through the second section, about three quarters of the way through the first book.

I have published about half of the first section, about a quarter of the first book.

I continue to publish two chapters every Monday, so in a month, around the end of November 2020, I should have the first section of the first book published and I should be finished my final edits.

At that time I will begin attracting more reader/editors using social media and any other means I can. I will also begin working my way through the second book, so I can be at least a couple of months ahead of the publishing.

Along the way, I hope to incorporate any changes I have received from reader/editors and to add the final images. This should finalize each book and make it possible to move toward the final publications as books.

That’s it! But I do need lots of help over the next year and a half to get both books done. Then I shall get the workbook going.

Thank you for participating. Read and Reply. Don’t forget to hit the Follow button.

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