Important Update

Life gets busy and, as I have discovered, a book is a demanding project. Writing a book seemed a daunting task initially, yet I was naively unprepared for the unexpected task of editing. I have edited and over edited, changed and re-changed, everything—including the book itself.

Last year I decided to split the overgrown book into two. I had always planned to write a second book. So, now you know a second book is already in the works. It is the second half of the first book.

These books have now been taking years to edit and, as the years have passed, the Technojungle has moved on. So also has the world, it has moved on into a global pandemic. I have found myself having to make further revisions and additions. Nevertheless, I seem to have Book One, The Future Never Arrives almost ready.

Here is where you, the reader, comes in. I thought it would be a great idea to simply start posting chapters on this website. This would allow you to join in the process of completing these books. I am hopeful that this process will also keep me regularly working on the books. It would also allow you to preview the contents, make comments, suggestions, corrections, and engage in the editing process.

Thus, I now invite you to head over to Books and and dive right in. Every drop-down and flly-out mene item has something to read. Please take the time to leave comments.

I thank you in advance for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.

P.S. — As it has been quite a while since I worked on my websites, I find I need to reacquaint myself with how to use WordPress. As such, I may reorganize the way the book chapters get presented. Specifically, I need to get the order in reverse. Usually, newer posts appear at the top, but this is not ideal for presenting book chapters. Also, I’ll need to work out an organization that will accommodate a large number of chapters and make it easy to move around in the book. Hopefully you will be able to follow along.

P.P.S. — You may, or may not, know that I have Essential Tremor which has been getting worse. Typing can become difficult at times. I have been writing this post using the dictation feature on my Mac. It certainly isn’t perfect and it doesn’t help with editing which requires moving around and changing the text a lot. No, the Technojungle isn’t always great at solving problems. It always relies on humans.

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