BOOM! The dreams of boomer technology 50 years later—a look back

By Robert Grahame


As I write my book, The future never arrives…, I fall deeper into the vortex of technological change. Life seemed so much simpler when as was a kid. Watching all the TV shows and movies I could find about technology, I couldn’t wait for the future. We heard so many promises about how wonderful life will be. The problems of humankind solved, machines doing all our work—we would be free to have as much leisure time as we wanted, or we could travel throughout the universe.

This is really why I am writing my first book. Today was supposed to be the future. Where is it? Is it late? I’m shocked to find the future never arrived, at least, not as expected and it came with baggage. Yes, many of the technological advancements have come and many have not. In truth, this is not the promised utopia that I so deeply hoped for and bought into. If this is the future, what was I expecting? And, as I look around and examine this world of the future, it has a lot of baggage nobody told me was coming.

Thus, as a small sub-project to my book, I am thinking it might be interesting to have a look back 50 years, half a century. To make nice round numbers, I am going to work at this for the next half of a year. In 2015, I will look back at the technology of, and the future technological promises of, 1965. In that year, I was 10 years old. I think that 1965 is a good mid-point to consider. It was the years after the Second World War that the western societies of the world began to see many new technological innovations and began to look forward to what innovations might be on the horizon of the future.

By 1965, technological innovations were big news and big business. The space race particularly to the moon was well under way. Technological advancements were engulfing us swiftly. Predictions were made about the future based on the current rate of technological change at the time. Most people never imagined that in 1965, the world was on the brink of exponential technological change that would be difficult to comprehend.

This exponential growth has caught us off guard and knocked us off balance—a balance that humans enjoyed for centuries. The industrial revolution brought a plethora of changes to the modern industrialized societies, however, not to the masses of the world. What was about to happen after 1965 would truly change the world in global ways we never expected.

This series of blog articles will step back and take a look at the way technology was in 1965. We will be considering a few of the predictions being put forth at the time for what the future would hold. To start things off, here is a look back at the calculator.


BOOM! The dreams of boomer technology 50 years later—a look back, © 2014 by Robert Grahame



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